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On Monday, February 4, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau asserted Canada’s support for “the people of Venezuela and a peaceful transition to democracy in the country.” Canadian helped organize the opposition to back Juan Guaido in his attempt to stake his claim as president of Venezuela, despite the recent re-election of Nicolas Maduro as president. Due to the massive media campaign against the Bolivarian Revolution since the election of Hugo Chavez in 1998, liberals in the West have characterized Venezuela’s socialist government as an authoritarian dictatorship that is essentially starving its people. This of course ignores the achievements made by the Bolivarian Revolution as well as the ever-worsening media and economic warfare that the West has engaged in against Venezuela, especially since the death of Hugo Chavez and the election of Nicolas Maduro.

It’s important to stand against Western imperialism and the devastation is has invariably brought to any place it has asserted itself.

I’ve compiled a brief list of articles and conversations that help elaborate on the conditions Venezuela finds itself in, background on the country’s history and the ways it has been represented in Western media.

On the crisis:

The Politics of Food in Venezuela

Venezuela crisis: Former UN rapporteur says US sanctions are killing citizens” (scroll past the video)  

How Severe is Venezuela’s Crisis?

Moderate Rebels Podcast: "Revolt of the haves: Venezuela's US-backed opposition and economic sabotage w/ Steve Ellner"

Moderate Rebels Podcast: “Economic strangulation of Venezuela: Human toll of US sanctions and regime change w/ Steve Ellner"

Moderate Rebels Podcast: “What’s Really Happening In Venezuela? Reporting on the coup from inside Caracas w/ Diego Sequera

On media representations of Venezuela in the West

Response to PragerU’s video claiming that socialism is responsible for Venezuela’s problems

Comprehensive response to John Oliver’s infamous (and much touted by liberals) Venezuela episode

Chavista ‘thugs’ vs. opposition ‘civil society’: western media on Venezuela” (This article is a paywalled academic article, linked through sci-hub for open access. If at any point the sci-hub link doesn’t work, hit me up on Twitter and I can send you the PDF)

Bad News From Venezuela: 20 Years of Bad Reporting from Venezuela”   (Book from the author of the previous article)

Representations of the US Government in American Coverage in Venezuela

The ‘Venezuelan People’ are whoever agrees with Donald Trump

Abby martin’s reporting from Venezuela:

Inside Venezuela’s Markets

On claims of “No Free Press in Venezuela”

Venezuela’s Constituent Assembly: Dictatorship or Democracy?

Abby Martin interviews members of the opposition  

Responses to the opposition by Venezuelan Defense Minister

Moderate Rebels Podcast: "The real Venezuela: From Caracas, Prof. Aline Piva explains US coup attempt"

Observing Venezuela’s Election and the Myths Around It

Debunking Four Mistruths About Venezuela’s Humanitarian Aid Showdown

On the coup and the opposition

Venezuela: Call it what it is—a coup

Canada’s leadership on Venezuela is misguided, misdirected – and a mistake

"Venezuela: Coup d’Etat or Constitutional Transition?

Venezuela: Juan Guaido will open up oil deals to foreign private companies, opposition leader’s US envoy says”  (scroll past the video)

Venezuela Opposition Abandons Talks in Dominican Republic”  

Footage Contradicts US Claim that Maduro Burned Aid Convoy

The August Plot to Kill Maduro With Drones

More context of Venezuelan history and politics

Venezuela’s Long History of Racism is Coming Back to Haunt It"

Down from the Mountain“ (on Hugo Chavez and the Bolivarian Revolution and the conditions in which each developed)

Another collection of links (some overlap with this list)