Vague 3 — Podcast Recommendations

People frequently ask me for podcast suggestions (and I’m even more frequently just offering them) so I thought it might be a good idea to put together an annotated list of what I listen to, including recommended episodes for shows that deal with distinct topics each episode:

Audio drama

Public Radio Alliance:

An investigative look into a spooky mystery about the woods of the Pacific Northwest with some weird corporate conspiracy for good measure. Easily my favourite fiction podcast.

The Black Tapes
An investigative profile of a scientist who debunks paranormal phenomena, and the videotapes of cases he has been unable to debunk.

A journalist tries to find her missing friend whose disappearance she believes to be related to an alternate reality game known as “Rabbits.”

The Last Movie
A spin-off of TANIS about a cult film that causes people who watch it to go into a violent rage and a mysterious internet video that is 2 hours and 76 minutes long that seems to be linked to the disappearance of anyone who is involved in its production or distribution.


Alice Isn’t Dead
Dispatches from a woman who is driving across the United States searching for her missing wife and the spooky shit she encounters.

The Big Loop
An anthology series of weird/sci-fi stories from Paul Bae, co-creator of The Black Tapes that usually have a really intense emotional core.
Recommended episodes:

True stories of the unexplained and supernatural.
Recommended episodes:

Politics/history/media criticism

Revolutionary Left Radio
This is my favourite politics and history podcast. Interviews about various political and historical topics from a multi-tendency, though generally Marxist-Leninist (especially in later episodes) perspective.
Recommended episodes (I plan on limiting this to just a few for most of these podcasts, but there are just so many great episodes of Rev Left):
This Ruthless Criticism of All That Exists: Marxism as Science
Historical Materialism: A Marxist Theory of History
The Vietnam War
A Coup in Venezuela: Imperialism, Fascism, and Class War
Settler Colonialism and Decolonization: A Communist Perspective
Stalin: A Marxist-Leninist Perspective
State and Revolution: Marx, Lenin, & the Dictatorship of the Proletariat
Capitalist Realism: Is There No Alternative?
Gothic Marxism: The Horror Genre and the Monsters of Neoliberalism

Red Menace
Breht from Revolutionary Left Radio and Alyson Escalante, who is a guest on a few Rev Left episodes, discuss foundational and important Marxist texts, discuss what they meant when they were written and what they mean for us today.
Recommended episodes:
Socialism: Utopian and Scientific by Friedrich Engels
Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism by V.I. Lenin

Citations Needed
Critical analysis of mainstream media coverage of political topics and the ways they are structured by ideology.
Recommended episodes:
The North Korea Memory Hole
How the Media Mainstreamed Racist Pseudoscience
Attack of the PC College Kids!

Moderate Rebels
Critical coverage of issues of Western imperialism.
Recommended episodes:
US meddling in Hong Kong's protests and the new cold war on China
Economic strangulation of Venezuela: Human toll of US sanctions and regime change
A dose of sanity on Syria

Marx Madness
Similar to Red Menace, reading and discussion of foundational leftist/Marxist texts.
It’s difficult to suggest specific episodes because texts are usually broken up across several episodes.

Proles of the Round Table
Marxist-Leninist history that gets real spicy and controversial. Anarchists hate it.
Recommended episodes:
The Rise of, Life In, and Fall of the German Democratic Republic
Grover Furr: Stalin, Waiting For The Truth
Guatemala and the Silent Holocaust

Delete Your Account
Discussion of radical politics from an activism and organization oriented perspective.
Recommended episodes:
We Created Chavez
The Vampire Castle
Bad Faith

The Nostalgia Trap
Leftist history and pop culture.
Recommended episodes:
Generation Gump
A Dark Inheritance: Blood, Race and Sex in Colonial Jamaica
Fighting the Bad Future w/ Malcolm Harris

Politics Theory Other
Interviews with writers and contemporary radical political theorists.
Recommended episodes:
Sophie Lewis on trans-exclusionary radical feminism
Kate Pickett on the mental health effects of inequality
Patricia Reed on Xenofeminism

And a few I have only just discovered but which seem like they have very important perspectives to offer:

Proles of the Minyan
Marxist, Anti-Zionist analysis of Jewish issues.
Only on episode so far: Symbolism Under Zionist Hegemony: DC Dyke March, the Magen David, & Hamsa Flag

The East Is A Podcast
Leftist analysis of issues and history in the Middle East and North Africa

Bands of Turtle Island
Discussion of North American indigenous issues.

Alberta Advantage
Canadian (primarily Alberta based, the worst but maybe most important province in the country) socialist analysis.

Dog Island
More Canadian socialists but from Atlantic Canada this time.

Film/art/pop culture

Academic critical/Marxist analysis of “weird, eerie and hauntological” cinema. My favourite podcast, probably. They interviewed me once. Skip that episode maybe.
Recommended episodes:
episode 004_THE_BLAIR_WITCH_PROJECT Myrick/Sanchez(1999)
episode 005_HARDWARE Richard Stanley(1990)
episode: 016_ BONUS [DE_ENCRYPTED] MOMO/MotherBird

Horror Vanguard
More spooky leftist film analysis.
Recommended episodes:
Mother! (Tell Your Movies Not to Be This Way) / Lost Transmissions: Mother!
There is a Black Tower Which Haunts Us All
Portrait of the Slasher as a Young Lobster

Struggle Session
Non-spooky leftist pop-culture analysis.
Recommended episodes:
Don't Let People Enjoy Things w/ Kate Wagner
Nationalize The Criterion Collection
Fight Club w/ Aubrey Sitterson

Learning the joys of pro wrestling (and not just WWE, great focus on independent and Japanese wrestling) with some hints of socialist and feminist analysis sprinkled in.
Recommended episodes:
Sign My Yearbook Megan (Chris Jericho & Kevin Owens)
The Man With The Worst Personality In The World (Minoru Suzuki)
Childbirth is Wrestling (All Japan Women's w/ hunktears)

The Lodgers
Twin Peaks podcast that analyses every episode from a cinema studies angle. Highly recommend watching every episode of Twin Peaks and listening to each corresponding episode of the podcast after each episode.

Counter Esperanto: Winds of the Weird
Twin Peaks through the lens of weird fiction.

More Twin Peaks because that’s all I care about, ultimately.

Art & Labor
”A podcast focusing on the on-going struggle to survive as an art or cultural worker”

What A Time To Be Alive
Funny people talking about silly news from the week.